download: TRAVIS RYAN (Cattle Decapitation singer) / DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS

The long out-of-print TRAVIS RYAN / DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS split CD is now available for digital download @

One of the more interesting pairings of harsh, electronic horror, upstart noise duo Death By A Thousand Cuts team up with CATTLE DECAPITATION vocalist Travis Ryan to transmit an hour of grim, nightmarish drone noise. Travis Ryan's four tracks open the disc with an edgy, paranoid ambience that mixes environmental buzzes and electronic hum with blurry theremin melodies and hushed buzzsaw tones, evoking the faint but discernible hum of electricity you feel when standing at the edge of an urban landscape in the middle of the night. Occasionally Ryan's droning dread lurches into a staticky overload that recalls the chopped up circuit burn of John Wiese, but more often drifts through a halogen-lit dreamworld similar to a grittier, urban take on Glass Throat Records atmospherics.

The other side of this split is haunted by Death By A Thousand Cut's nightmarish free electronic designs. DBATC's industrial hallucinations are conjured from noxious bass sinewaves and cloudy keyboard drones, curling upwards out of metal-on-metal carnage and blasts of laser-beam effects pedal violence, and the music becomes strangely beautiful, especially with the cosmic, Troum-meets-Bastard Noise insectoid frequencies of the final track "Approach Of The Black Claw".

STILL AVAILABLE from Chrome Peeler Records:
Unearthly Trance / The Endless Blockade "split" LP (doom vs. power violence)
Merzbow / The Guilt of... "split" LP (Japanese noise legend vs. EYEHATEGOD side project)
Mike IX Williams "That's What the Obituary Said" 7"+poster (EYEHATEGOD vocalist)

FINAL SOLUTION "All New Power" (90s NYC power-electronics)

Due to the FINAL SOLUTION "All New Power" cassette selling out in 3 days, the digital version is now available @

About the release:

CPR-14: FINAL SOLUTION "All New Power"
Re-issue of impossible to find 1990 demo from NYC power electronics legends. FINAL SOLUTION created some of the most raw and intense power electronics ever. They could be compared to "Great White Death" era WHITEHOUSE, but they really emit a hard New York ugliness that only an American-born group could bring.

STILL AVAILABLE from Chrome Peeler Records:
Unearthly Trance / Wooden Wand "Manson" 7"
Unearthly Trance / The Endless Blockade "split" LP
Merzbow / The Guilt of... "split" LP
Mike IX Williams "That's what the Obituary Said" 7"+poster

pre-order: UNEARTHLY TRANCE / WOODEN WAND manson 7"

UNEARTHLY TRANCE and WOODEN WAND offer up an ULTRA-LIMITED split 7" from the songbook of CHARLES MANSON

UNEARTHLY TRANCE reach into the hole of the infinite with their haunting version of "People Say I'm No Good" while WOODEN WAND programs the young love with his version of "Get On Home".



pre-order @

Pre-order: MERZBOW / THE GUILT OF... Split LP

Japanese noise legend Merzbow offers up an assault of violent, swarming electronic distortion swirling with shards of brutal high-end feedback and cosmic oscillating tones, creating a vast whirlpool of caustic aural grit and buzz while Industrial noise punks "The Guilt øf... " a New Orleans-based group made up of Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer) layer waves of piano, fuzz, tortured vocals, drums and distorted sub-bass to create a mesmerizing and crushing drone-like effect. Limited to 500 copies.

Order here:

New Free Doom Album From Starvation Ritual

Hi all,

I'm trying to spread the word about my doom metal band Starvation Ritual's new free EP,
The Gallows' Lament. It is possibly our heaviest and slowest record to date, and it's available for free download via and

Fans of super slow and heavy stuff should hopefully dig it. There may be a cdr version of this later, but for now, it's online and free.


PRE-ORDER: MIKE IX WILLIAMS 7" (eyehategod vocalist)

Pre-order the Mike IX Williams 7" directly from Chrome Peeler Rec. (

MIKE WILLIAMS, vocalist for Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem and author of "Cancer as a Social Activity: Affirmations of World's End" delivers anti-social misanthropic spoken word and power electronics on this limited edition 7".

Side Zero: "Thats What the Obituary Said" a spoken prose piece with ambient backing by Ryan (The Guilt Of...) McKern, The other Side Zero: "Ten Suicides"' originally a Bloodyminded track with vocal by Mike IX Williams and now newly re-mixed by Mark Solotroff (Intrinsic Action/Bloodyminded).

Original artwork by Mike IX presented in an 11" x 17" poster and lyric booklet.

Black with yellow splatter colored vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

Orders will ship at the end of October 2009.
Brett Red Mohawk 2002

HEADKASE - The Worm County Circus


Headkase - The Worm County Circus
$20.00 AUD (plus Postage & Handling)

Full length Debut Album from crazy Australian 6-piece "circus-metal" freaks!

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. The Pirate Bit
3. Where the Blood May Lead
4. Murdered and Dumped in the Willow
5. Discombobulated Alcoholiday
6. A Song Called Life
7. Cocaine and Caffeine
8. Survival of the World
9. Deja Vous
10. Superfluous
11. Onchocerciasis
12. Hannibal Licked Her
13. Come Alive!

Mastered by Dave Neil @ Modern Mastering
(The Butterfly Effect, Kate Miller-Heidke, Devolved, Japunga, The Red
Paintings, Melodyssey)

AVAILABLE TO ORDER ONLINE NOW! -- http://www. headkase. net..
We ship internationally!

Also available at:
245 Albert St,
Brisbane CBD
(off Adelaide Street, next to EB Games)

Kill The Music
Level 1 /161 Elizabeth Street,
Brisbane CBD
(next to Priceline)

Moshpit Music
52B Ocean St,
Maroochydore QLD
(opposite the strip club)

http://www. headkase. net
http://www. myspace. com/headkasehq


Black Scorpion

Hope this isn't spam...

Ok, so the band Acrassicauda fucking rocks. They're a band originally from Iraq (formerly the only metal band in the country) and they've been through so much crap I can't believe it. I mean, not being able to make a gig because you're caught on the wrong side of a warzone? That's crazy.

So I was stumbling through the archives of this website I work for when I discovered that we have their movies-- Heavy Metal In Baghdad and Heavy Metal In Istanbul. I bestow them upon you all.

Trailers behind the cut.Collapse )

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